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Sharing a passion for the arts and research.

We have serious experience in the arts along with wide-ranging expertise in marketing, research and planning ― primary and secondary research, qualitative and quantitative methods, critical analysis and strategy development. All in the name of smart, data-driven decisions.

Market Development/Assessment

This is big picture stuff where we paint a portrait of your patrons and prospects, where your brand fits within the market, and how you can truly shine.



Market structure/segmentation analysis

Audience and donor development

Competitive landscape and market trends

Target identification and activation

Marketing strategy development

Brands & Branding


The best brands have deep emotional connections with their customers. We guide you in creating greater relevance, building stronger engagement, and expressing a better, more distinctive you.



Brand discovery/stakeholder interviews

Brand imagery and perceptions

Brand platforms, essence and positioning

Brand identity/logo testing

Brand architecture exploration

Brand strategy development

Communications Development


Real communication is a two-way street filled with empathy and understanding.  We help develop communications that are clear, concise and entirely compelling to your target audiences. 



Communications audits

Message development and testing

Creative/brochure development

Qual/quant messaging analysis Communications strategies

Customer Experience


It’s all about the journey. We identify purchase decision pathways along with peaks, pain points and opportunities so your patrons’ experiences are consistently seamless and rewarding.

Post-performance assessments

Customer experience tracking

Online research communities

In-depth experiential interviews

Product Development & Testing


Bold is good. Bold and smart is better.

Our research is focused on minimizing risks, maximizing opportunities, and optimizing your great ideas.




New product/concept evaluation

Programming/format preferences

Conjoint analysis/product optimization

Pricing analysis 

Advanced Analytics


The devil really is in the details and this is where analytics and insights come together. We dig deeply into your data transforming transactions into actions.


Datamining/knowledge discovery

Predictive modeling

Revenue forecasting

Behavioral segmentation

Multivariate statistics

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