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Strategic Marketing & Research

learn  l  act  l  grow

Our mission is to help you learn, act and grow.

We believe that if you learn all you can about your patrons and market, then take bold actions based on compelling consumer-relevant strategies, your organization will grow ― in audience size and engagement, patron loyalty and commitment, sales and donations.


With our rigorous research, keen insights and inspired strategic thinking, you'll solve problems, uncover opportunities and build long-lasting, highly engaging and valued brands.

Sharing a passion for the arts and research.

We have serious experience in the arts along with wide-ranging expertise in marketing, research and planning ― primary and secondary research, qualitative and quantitative methods, critical analysis and strategy development. All in the name of smart, data-driven decisions.

Just like the arts, building strong brands is hard work but in a nutshell it’s about creating meaningful relationships and making lives easier, happier and better.
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